International Pro-Life Michael Bell Award - Presented to Raymond de souza

Bell AwardThe International Alliance of Catholic Knights brings together fifteen Orders of Catholic men with a combined membership of over 1,6 million members, who work in twenty-six countries throughout the world. All are deeply committed to the pro-life cause.

Raymond de Souza and Archbishop Barry Hickey, shortly after His Grace presented Raymond with the International Pro-Life Award of "Initiative for Life".

In 1992, the Alliance sought out and recognized outstanding initiatives in defense of the Right to Life by organizations and individuals worldwide.  They instituted the international award 'Initiatives for Life'.

It was named 'Michael Bell Award' in honor of the Catholic English lawyer who gave heroic service to the Right to Life movement during his lifetime and whose influence and example spread around the world through multiple initiatives.

Presenting the awardIn 2002 the International Alliance of Catholic Knights granted the 'Michael Bell Award' to Raymond de Souza of Perth, Western Australia.

Raymond is Brazilian by birth, Catholic by grace and Australian by choice. Like Michael Bell, he has been the initiator of a variety of 'Initiatives for Life' for over 20 years.

At the time of the award, his involvement in the pro-Life and pro-Family Cause started in his native country Brazil, and developed later in Canada, the USA, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Raymond founded the Cathedral Branch of the Knights of the Southern Cross in Western Australia the Cathedral Knights - and was a member of the KSC State Council.

IACKHe was the Perth Coordinator of Human Life International (HLI) the largest Pro-Life, Catholic movement in the world. He is also the founder and Director of St Gabriel Communications, Australia's first international outreach to promote Catholic Apologetics.  From Australia, his apostolate has expanded to North America through speaking engagements promoting the knowledge of the Catholic Truth and the Gospel of Life.

The International Alliance of Catholic Knights did not present to Raymond de Souza the 'Michael Bell Award' for any of his initiatives for Life, but for a lifetime full of initiatives for Life.

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