Letters of Recommendation from Clergy in the United States



"Raymond is an apologist of extraordinary ability, who presents the Faith in a very cogent and popular way, and is capable of evangelizing people of all ages and backgrounds. We have organized a number of speaking venues for him in our area over the years and his presentations were very well received, and people have been deeply affected..."

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Rev. Fr. Angelo Mary Geiger, F.I.
General Delegate for the United States of America
Franciscans of the Immaculate



"Raymond is a highly orthodox, gifted, layman who speaks on multiple subjects of our Catholic Faith. He has hosted two series on Catholic Apologetics for EWTN TV....You would hopefully find him a great benefit to your ministry as we have here at WHOJ, 91.9FM in Terre Haute, Indiana..."

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Monsignor Lawrence J. Moran
Pastor Emeritus, St Patrick Catholic Church
Radio host for WHOJ 91.9FM
Terre Haute, IN

Letters of Recommendation from Clergy and Laity in Australia and new Zealand


"I admire your energy and commitment to the media outreach that you have initiated. May God continue to bless your work and may the seeds you sow produce a hundredfold".

Most Rev. Barry Hickey
Archbishop of Perth and Metropolitan of W.A.
In reference to the radio broadcast, "The Layman's Hour".


"An exemplary Catholic, husband, and father of a family. … Has given major time to make the faith better known … by supporting diocesan projects and organising courses on apologetics, radio programmes and publications. He has presented Catholic belief, upheld the authority of Pope and Bishops and the Church’s moral teaching."

Bishop Basil Meeking
Former Bishop Emeritus of Christchurch
(Bishop Meeking acted as Pope Leo XIII in the movie 'Thérèse')


"Raymond is part of a revival of that classical tradition of defending and explaining the faith, that began with St Justin Martyr. His concentration on essentials, combined with a challenging style, make for a rational call to faith which speaks to the needs of young people in our times."

Most Rev. Mgr. Peter J Elliot
Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne Archdiocese and Episcopal Vicar for Religious Education


"Raymond is a man of deep faith, fervent in prayer and one who loves God and the Holy Catholic Church. A person of principles and justice, generous in sharing his giftedness, who has co-operated with the Holy Spirit to spread the good news of Jesus Christ especially through the ministry of St Gabriel Communications in the Diocese of Perth, throughout Australia, and to other parts of the world.

"I can also state that Raymond’s doctrinal belief and convictions are firmly rooted in sound Roman Catholic teaching. His fidelity to these teachings forms the foundation and motivation of his life and work, giving clarity and credence especially to his tremendous efforts in apologetics and evangelization."

Rev. Fr. Brian Limbourn JCD
Canon Lawyer of the Tribunal of the Catholic Church in Western Australia and
Dean of Studies at St. Charles’ Diocesan Seminary, Perth.


"I would like to offer my enthusiastic recommendation of Raymond de Souza and his work for the Church. Raymond has been involved with our communities both here in the United States and in Australia for some years now, and I have had a number of opportunities to hear Raymond speak publicly and to work with him on projects of mutual interest.

"Raymond is an apologist of extraordinary ability, who presents the faith in a very cogent and popular way, and is capable of evangelizing people of all ages and backgrounds.

"We have organized a number of speaking venues for him in our area over the years and his presentations were very well received, and people have been deeply affected.

"Most importantly, Raymond communicates faith in action by his manner and by his conviction. He is not simply a great speaker. He exemplifies Catholic Action and is totally committed to the welfare of the Church and the salvation of souls.

"I recommend him highly as a speaker on topics of Catholic faith, morals and apologetics. He is also very capable speaker for radio, television and public debate.

"Much of his work is available on audio tape or CD through St Gabriel Communications, a lay apostolate of Catholic apologetics and evangelization, which he founded."

Rev. Fr. Angelo Mary Geiger, F.I.
General Delegate of the Franciscans of the Immaculate in the United States


"I have appointed [Raymond de Souza] West Australian coordinator of the lay activities of the Australian Confraternity of Catholic clergy in view of his talents and abilities.

"His work with the ACCC and with St Gabriel Communications is praiseworthy indeed and of great merit as he promotes, teaches and catechizes the Roman Catholic Faith.

"A man of upright and sound character and hence I have no hesitation in recommending him and the work of St Gabriel Communications."

Rev. Fr. Michael Rowe
West Australian Councilor for the A.C.C.C. (Australian Confraternity of Catholic Clergy)


"With the support of His Grace, Archbishop Hickey, Mr. de Souza has founded and directs St Gabriel Communications Apostolate in the Archdiocese. To date Mr. de Souza has given many talks and seminars in a good number of our parishes and schools. I have been able to attend some of his presentations and am happy to certify his orthodoxy and fidelity to the Magisterium of the Church.

"Mr. de Souza is indeed a gifted person in the field of Catholic Apologetics and is doing great work here in the Archdiocese of Perth."

Rev. Monsignor Thomas B McDonald
Dean of St Mary's Cathedral - Perth, Western Australia


"His talks were most impressive. He spoke on the Eucharist, and very convincingly demonstrated the traditional Faith of the Catholic Church. His talk was also most entertaining and inspiring. I felt it was an excellent presentation.

"My bishop asked me to attend the seminar and report on it. I described to the bishop that his talk was ‘masterly’. He covered all the major aspects of the Doctrine of the Church in a clear, understandable, yet erudite delivery that was always focused on the Doctrine but still very absorbing and entertaining.

"I consider he has a gift for logical and clear presentation of doctrinal teaching that can only benefit those who are sincere listeners. I only wish he was in Sydney so we could hear him more often."

Rev. Fr. Carl Ashton
Pastor, Sacred Heart parish, South Mt Druitt, Parramatta Diocese, New South Wales


"Raymond is one of the foremost preachers of Catholic Apologetics in Australia. This includes a weekly radio program which is very popular among Catholics in Perth. I recommend Raymond very highly as a man totally dedicated to the promotion of God’s kingdom."

Rev. Fr. Douglas Harris
Pastor of St. Bernadette's parish. Perth Archdiocese


“Raymond is a very good speaker and a stern defender of the Faith as passed down to us by Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Apostles. He and his family are treasure to have in any parish.”

Rev. Fr. Wolodymyr Kalinecki
Parish Administrator, Ukrainian parish of St John the Baptist, Perth


"I have great pleasure in recommending the lecture series in apologetics conducted by Mr. Raymond de Souza of St Gabriel Communications to all Catholic schools in Australia. Mr. de Souza brings to the series a wealth of knowledge and experience. His approach is non-threatening, understandable and enjoyable.

"Aquinas College held a series of twelve lectures for the whole of the Year Twelve group, and is planning for a series of follow-up tutorials. The feedback from students has been most positive at a time when religion to the boys is not a priority."

Mr. Denis Hanratty
Religious Education Coordinator Aquinas College, Perth


"I have known Mr. Raymond de Souza in my capacity as Vicar General of Christchurch Diocese and as Administrator of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament.

"He is a man of very high integrity and principles. He is an excellent husband and father.
"He has taken a very active part in diocesan life especially in the field of Catholic education. He is clearly a man who has studied in some depth the teaching of the Catholic Church and speaks the truth without fear.

"His work in broadcasting and in lectures on Catechetic clearly shows this man is a man of faith. He has excellent leadership qualities and is a very good listener. Has a very pleasant manner and relates easily with others.

"He has very good initiatives and comes forth with creative ideas. I have always valued his judgments which are always well thought out. He is a very gifted person."

Rev. Monsignor Matthew Duggan
Vicar General of the Christchurch Diocese, New Zealand


"During the years I have known Raymond de Souza in Christchurch, I have been impressed with his faith, his zeal and his educational and communication skills. The devout Catholic faith of Raymond, Theresa and their family have been an inspiration to us all.

"With the courage of his well-informed faith, he has committed himself earnestly to evangelisation, setting up supporting groups, leading discussions and conducting weekly sessions in Catholic Apologetics. With his education and media skills, he has established a weekly radio programme of Catholic teaching and produced Timely, a monthly newsletter which promoted the teachings of the local bishop and reported on Catholic educational activities."

Sr. Margaret D’Ath
Catholic Education Office, Christchurch Diocese, N.Z.


"Raymond has worked tirelessly, with intelligence and passion, for the spread of the truth of the Catholic Church. In all of this he has shown splendid initiative, remarkable courage, and a generosity of soul deserving the highest praise.

"I have no hesitation in recommending Raymond to a position in the Catholic Church which would see him as an advocate, defending and promoting the faith handed-on by the Apostles."

Rev. Fr Cronan Fahey O.F.M.
Cap. Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish, Christchurch.


"Raymond has a strong community spirit and is generous in giving his time, energy and ability towards the welfare of his parish and diocese. I have attended many of Raymond’s talks and lectures on the teachings and practices of the Catholic Faith and can testify that he is not only well informed but loyal to the traditions of the Church and completely in harmony with its teachings.

"He is a competent public speaker and the time he gives to teaching the Faith and loyalty to the Holy See is a reflection of his own faith."

Fr. Norman Scambary S.M.
Assistant Priest,
St Mary’s Parish, Christchurch


"Sterling qualities of scholarship and fidelity to the Church, admirable personal qualities of friendliness, courtesy and charm. Raymond is known for his orthodoxy in the faith and his loyalty to the Holy Father and the local bishop.

"His knowledge of apologetics is extensive and his lucidity of expression makes him a popular and convincing witness for the faith. Raymond has my full approval as a capable and worthy representative of the Faith and practice of the Roman Catholic Church."

Rev. Fr. Cyril Taylor S.M.
St Bede’s College


"I can testify to Raymond’s deep and passionate devotion to the Catholic Faith and to his energetic, ongoing commitment to propounding it and defending it in the work of Apologetics. This has been evident in his weekly talks for the Cathedral Parish Family Action Group at the Catholic Education office, the publication of Timely magazine, and in his weekly radio outreach, “Mission: Possible! Catholics on Air”.

"I wish to comment specific on Raymond’s unswerving loyalty to the Holy See and his bishop as guarantors of authentic, orthodox Catholic teaching. No one could be in Raymond’s presence without becoming aware of his zeal for the Faith and his longing to share it."

Miss Betty O’Dowd
Dame of the Papal Order of St Gregory the Great, Christchurch

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